Front Lawn Garden

Driving to the grocery store the other day, I spotted a house with a front lawn of colorful, blossoming flowers. No grass – just pretty flowers. It was a welcome vision after being stuck in traffic on one of the hottest days this spring. My car tediously inched along a dusty road, jam-packed with construction vehicles, forklifts and orange caution signs.

Yellow House
Fun with flowers

In New England, streets are repaired during the spring and summer. Cracks are sealed. Potholes are filled. Asphalt perfumes the air. You don’t dare open your car windows – ever.  My patience was shot. “We all have limited time. We all have to be somewhere,” I kept thinking.

So there I was, crabbing and grumbling to myself, when this house emerged along the roadside. It was a surreal apparition amid a cloud of construction dust. It made me smile. Some inner voice compelled me to pull off the road. I parked, leaned over and grabbed my trusty point-and-shoot camera from the glove compartment. (This Mother In Law is not into fancy photography or anything fancy, by the way.)

I climbed out of the car and snapped a few photos. I admired the lovely flowers for maybe five minutes and walked away feeling refreshed with a happier attitude. Fun has a way of showing up in odd forms and unexpected places. In this case, ‘fun’ was the calming magic of flowers.

Flower lawn

Those flowers made me think of my daughter-in-law because she had just planted a similar perennial garden with her mom. It’s in the front yard of a charming, bluish-green house she shares with my son and their three-month-old son. I thought about how their flowers will grow year-after-year, more radiant with time – just like their love and their little family.

Now, that will be fun to watch.


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