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Red Hot

Red Nikes
These stand out in a crowd.

Aren’t these shoes the cutest? I happened to be standing in a crowd at a college graduation recently and spotted them.

I disagree when people say women of a certain age should dress in a certain way. Maybe mothers-in-law should start a new trend and all sport red Nikes.  Would you wear these?

Check out Nike Shoes where you can custom build your shoes to your own personal style, colors and performance preferences.

Looking Good

What’s with the unflattering fashions for mothers-in-law and women our age? Attention, retailers! We are out here! Yoo-hoooo!

Judging by the limited choices, it’s almost like we’re invisible compared to the 20-something, hottie crowd with their extensive selection of fashions, shoes and accessories. It’s disheartening to shop and see tons of cute outfits for our daughters and daughters-in-law but nothing exciting for us. Many options for middle-aged women look like leftovers from the 1970’s or just dull, dull, dull!

New styles, please!

Granted, our shapely figures might be a bit fuller, and our hems might need to be a tad lower. But designers can work around a few, minor challenges, can’t they?  Often, mothers-in-law are forced to settle for two extremes – to dress as though they’re in their twenties or in their 90’s. Where are the stylish, in-between options for women who are in between? We still want to look elegant, classic and sexy, right?

Hmm.  Are we being ignored? According to a 2007 report by MassMutual’s Financial Group, women 50+ have more spending power and discretionary income compared to any other group in the country. Our net worth is $19 trillion. We spend billions on designer fashions and luxury goods.  So why aren’t we courted with wonderful fashions instead of treated like second-class citizens?  Where are the latest designs, fun fabrics and tailoring for us? Don’t you think it makes sense for the fashion industry and retailers to address our needs with better styles — especially considering our buying power?

Mothers-in-law deserve chic apparel that is comfortable and affordable whether we’re heading out on the town or lounging in our pajamas.  That’s why we’re starting a fashion-forward movement right here! will feature styles and accessories that distinctly resonate with us.

We’ll also feature beauty products and specialty giftware for easy shopping when birthdays and gift-giving occasions roll around! Mothers-in-law deserve more shopping options targeted to their needs and preferences.  It’s high time that shopping is more fun and convenient for all of us.