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Be a Loving Mother In Law on Memorial Day

Memorial Day is always observed on the last Monday of May.  It’s a day for remembering all the men and women who have died in military service for our country.  But it has also expanded into something broader — a day for remembering anyone special —  whether departed or still alive and kicking!

Some of us visit cemeteries or attend parades on Memorial Day. Others have picnics or take bike rides.  Depending on our unique perspectives, it could be a day of mourning or a celebration of life. The possibilities are endless.


For my family, this recent Memorial Day weekend was an opportunity to catch up on household chores at a leisurely pace.  We mixed it up with smidgeons of fun.  My husband and I grabbed dinner at a neighborhood restaurant one evening.  We enjoyed gardening and a bar-b-q on Monday.  We FaceTimed our 4-year-old grandson.  It was an easy, unstructured weekend.

I also reminisced about my dad who passed away more than 20 years ago.  I posted his photo and a short tribute on Facebook — my way of publicly honoring his memory.  He was a World War II hero, but more importantly, he was my hero.  My dad’s grave is halfway across the country, but he’ll always be near my heart.

Who knew our time would be cut short when he suffered a stroke? Who knew I would never, ever again have a chance to say, “I love you.”

So here’s my post-Memorial Day (or any day) reflection.  Cherish others now.  Foster what is good in every relationship.  Be a loving mother-in-law today.  Make some happy memories!