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Have some fun today, mothers-in-law!

Women, ages 50 and beyond (aka “mothers-in-law age), get so much unsolicited advice about maintaining health and happiness. It’s all about weight control, wrinkle prevention, healthy eating, exercising and pursuing hobbies. All of that is well and good. But honestly, the to-do list can be overwhelming, depressing and time-consuming. Instead of promoting good health, the list can create stress.


Sometimes, we just need to have an impromptu good time — as in Yippee! The more good times we have, the younger, happier and healthier we feel. By embracing new experiences, we become better women and more interesting, independent mothers-in-law . Surprisingly, many good times can happen on the cheap or better yet, for free.

So, erase that specter of to-dos from your mind — and replace it with one simple question, “Are you having any fun today?” My answer recently was, “No! I am not having fun today!”  Working, grocery shopping, walking the dog, running errands, weekend gardening – all culminating with “Madame Secretary” on Sunday night TV — is not enough happiness for me. I need to mix it up!

Therefore, I decided to Google the phrase, “cheap and fun things to do,” nearby. Site after site welcomed me to a world of diversions and day trips! I settled on the Montreal Jazz Festival, better known as the Festival International de Jazz de Montreal. http://www.montrealjazzfest.com/default-en.aspx

Montreal6 copy
A jazz-filled weekend!

Montreal is only a five-hour drive from our home. My husband and I immediately packed our bags and took off on an adventure. We enjoyed a weekend of non-stop music – in a gorgeous, international city. And, it was free — no admission fee.

Fantastic entertainment!
Fantastic entertainment!

Not having fun today? Go find some! We can’t expect our spouses, significant others, daughters, daughters-in-law, sons, sons-in-law or grandchildren to be responsible for making us happy. But here’s what we can do. Cherish family above all else — and still cultivate new friendships, experiences and interests!

What about a trip to the Montreal Jazz Festival next summer? It’s happening from June 29 – July 8, 2017.


Or why not consider a spirit-lifting activity in your local community this weekend? Let the good times roll! And have some fun today!


Get Healthy

Welcome to Healthy Stuff. Join all the with-it mothers-in-law who are vibrant and healthy! Leave the negative stereotypes in the dust! Where did that distorted, old image of nasty mothers-in-law come from anyway?  Is it justified?  Well, it’s definitely NOT us! We are focused on healthy habits and on living each day to the fullest.

Life is not all downhill from here, as some might suggest. It’s uphill! It’s about being fit to enjoy ourselves. It’s about re-focusing and embracing positive attitudes. It’s time to nurture ourselves and to work at being the best mothers-in-law possible. Good health empowers us to enjoy life – whether it’s playing with our grandchildren or hiking in the woods. Exercise boosts metabolism and gives us the energy to embrace every new aspect of our life. Proper nutrition and fitness contribute to mental health.

How ‘bout a stroll on the beach?

Say good-bye to frustrations and tensions! Instead, take a brisk walk. Sign up for a Zumba class. Cook a healthy meal. Have that annual physical exam you’ve been postponing! Do whatever it takes to improve your health.  Feeling good improves your attitude as a woman and as a mother-in-law.

Healthy Stuff features everything from our personal struggles and successes with fitness to the latest news and links on diet, exercise, vitamins, meditation, sports, lifelong learning, spirituality, and more. It’s all good stuff — geared toward mothers-in-law, of course! So, what are your favorite ways to shape up your mind, body or spirit? We want to hear from you. (Keep in mind, the race is what counts – not the winning or losing!)