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Tired of Winter? I Am! (April Fool’s!)

I try to be happy and optimistic. But it’s been a challenging, snowy winter in New England. I’m feeling extra antsy today because we’ve had three, consecutive days of bleakness with non-stop rain. In fact, it’s snowing and sleeting as I write this. Unusual for March 31.

Another gray day!
Another gray day!

It could be worse though. In 1997, an April Fool’s Day Blizzard, from March 31 – April 1, dumped three feet of snow in our area. It was a mixture of snow, rain and sleet with gusts from 50 to 70 miles per hour. Public transportation stopped. Thousands of commuters and motorists were stranded. Hundreds of thousands lost power.

I checked the local weather report, and no blizzard is headed our way this April Fool’s Day. It’s predicted to be sunny and in the upper 40’s.

Hardy New Englanders braved that nasty blizzard 17 years ago. They inspired me — and I resisted the temptation to hide under my comfy blanket today! Instead, I grabbed my winter parka and summoned my trusty sidekick, Gus. Doesn’t he look excited?!

Gus, waiting patiently for his walk.
Waiting patiently for his walk.

We sprinted outside for an icy adventure.

There’s a saying, “face what you fear most.” Well, I don’t fear snow and sleet. It’s more of a ‘dislike.’ However, my ‘dislike’ this morning turned to sheer joy for my buddy, Gus. Leaving the house makes him ecstatic! And seeing him so happy, in turn, warms my heart. The ice has melted, leaving puddles of fun behind.

Standing in a puddle, just for the heck of it.

Simple, small wonders abound.