Rollin’ out the welcome mat…

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Recycled rubber doormat by Mohawk Green Works Available at Home Depot

Visit us anytime! Grab a cup of coffee and get comfortable as we explore everything from entertaining to do-it-yourself projects — including the notoriously endless Honey-Do List!  We’ll be sharing family traditions and secrets (shhhhhh!), cooking, chatting about books and many topics of interest to mothers-in-law. Our special emphasis will be on finding economical, fun ways to extend our hospitality to our families and friends. If you have ideas, please share them here!

Besides light-hearted topics, we’ll discuss some delicate issues too – like the occasional tug of war associated with holiday visits and special occasions. We don’t want or plan to get into these sticky situations, but somehow they just happen. Occasionally mothers-in-law forget boundaries when our kids get married. After so many years of raising and loving our children, it’s understandable, right?!

Families mature and change, and it’s important to regroup and embrace transitions. Small gestures of love and thoughtfulness – without any strings attached – can make all the difference. When our children marry, our role expands to include another important role – that of mother-in-law. Our children want us to be the best mothers-in-law to the spouses they have chosen. It’s not about competition or jealousy. It’s about opening our hearts and homes and sharing the love.

If your adult kids enjoy coming to your home and if they invite you to theirs, hooray for you! Share your secrets of success here! We’ll brainstorm ways to make our homes and hearts as welcoming as possible. How can we – as amazing mothers-in-law and women– change negatives into positives? We’re not miracle workers, but we are mothers-in-law, striving to be the best we can be. Now, c’mon a my house! Welcome!


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